Low Lunge to Hamstring Stretch


Position 1: From a lunge position with the right leg behind you, drop to right knee into the posture shown above. Gently allow the hips to fall towards the ground on the exhale. Remember NEVER to force your body into a stretch.

Draw the shoulder backwards as you gently lift the heart towards the sky away form the leg.


Position 2

Drop the forearms to the ground. Alternatively drop the chest to increase the stretch and go as low as is possibly while focusing on the breath.


Position 3

Twisting, you'll lift the opposite arm as leg and look up to the sky. Pressing the leg and knee in towards the upper body.


Position 4: Shift the hips backward, stacking them over the knee. Stretch the front leg straight as you flex the ankle drawing the toes towards the face.

Lengthen the spine as flat as you can avoiding a rounded spine as shown below.

Hold Position 1 & 2 for 30 seconds to 1 minute and allow your body to surrender in the posture as you follow the breath.