I started receiving sessions because of my stress level. Yogiji has an intuitive touch and always knows what areas need to be worked on. The combination of massage and energy work leaves me feeling relaxed sometimes and other times I’m completely energized. I find it also helps clear my mind and helps me destress. 

Tammy H., Los Angeles, CA.

“Siri Shiva‘s rockin’ an innovative mix of Kundalini kriyas, Hatha flow and ecstatic dance…”
~Dani Katz, L.A. Weekly

“Open, amazing and calm! A source of inspiration…”
~ Khandan F., – Los Angeles, CA.

“Yogiji is very inspiring, fun and has a special listening in his way of teaching. The purpose for me taking privates was to achieve greater flexibility, strength and balance through yoga. Yogiji understands how to target his teaching so that it is adapted to the individual’s starting point, which means that after only a few weeks I have already experienced a significant difference.”
~ Per H., – Copenhagen, Denmark

“I was poisoning my mind, body and soul with unhealthy foods. I had been diagnosed with insomnia, anxiety and bi-polar. I’ve been prescribed 25 medications to take daily. Since I started the Lifestyle Management Program at The Ahava Way with Yogiji, my whole life has changed. Not only did I lose 15 pounds in under 2 weeks without starving myself, I’m sleeping better at night. The coaching I’ve received has changed my outlook which impacted my relationship to my body, my self and my family. I’m finding motivation I haven’t had in sometime and am grateful for this experience. It has forever changed my life.”
Nicole W., – West Covina, CA.

“Yogiji you are absolutely the brightest and most inspiring yoga teacher I know… No two classes are the same and you’re amazing at recognizing what the individual student needs – always knowing what it is, even if it’s just for a twist or turn. So my warmest recommendations.”
~ Jeanne L., – Copenhagen Denmark