The Ahava way is a conscious living lifestyle brand. We believe that through the practice of conscious living it is possible to cultivate balance from the inside out. 

The Ahava Way is facilitated both in 1-1 consultations and group/retreat settings.

The cornerstones of the practice are: Physical fitness, yoga as a tool for personal growth and self inquiry, meditation and conscious consumption. 

The Ahava Institute for Conscious Living was conceived by Yogiji in 2017. It’s purpose to offer classes, workshops and other courses that enrich and enliven. Our three primary offerings are:

The Practice

The Ahava Way practices when practiced integrally bring about mental and physical well-being. They draw us closer to the ultimate reality. The Ahava Way practices include meditation, sattvic diet, selfless service, physical fitness and sadhana.

The Body

The body and its sensory factors are truly a gift.  The physical practices of The Ahava Way were designed to create strength and flexibility in the body to prepare the body for meditation. Ahava Yoga is not just a body oriented practice. It starts with the body, but we honor the Physical Body as an energetic matrix, thus a platform to elevate consciousness. The tools and techniques of Ahava Yoga take us into deeper levels of the self.

We utilise bandhas (internal muscle activation), mudras (hand gestures) and pranayama (conscious breathing) as part of our physical practice as we deepen our sensitivity and listening on both the gross and subtle planes of awareness.

The Nourishment

Nourishment can be defined as “the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.”

At The Ahava Way we place foods into three categories by their ‘qualities’ based on yogic science. 

  1. Rajas foods are foods that excite the mind. Qualities: (passion, active, confused).
  2. Tamas foods are foods that dull the mind. Qualities: (darkness, heavy, destructive, chaotic).
  3. Sattva foods that are neutral and cultivate harmony in the mind. Qualities: (goodness, constructive, harmonious).

A sattvic diet is meant to include food and eating habits that are “pure, essential, natural, vital, energy-containing, clean, conscious and wise.” In this way the food we eat does not excite the mind nor does it dull it. This creates the foundation for withdrawing the senses, concentration and eventually meditation.